Sturdy and tidy!
No more slipping pedals.

With our QuickMount mounting plates, RockBoard offers a sophisticated, well-engineered and professional solution for mounting effect pedals on our pedalboards. With a simple click, the QuickMount elements snap securely and firmly into the slot grid of the RockBoard pedalboards and they can be removed just as easily if necessary.

The RockBoard QuickMount system is designed to eliminate the need for hook & loop tape, whnich attracts dust and dirt and is difficult to remove from pedals.

Best of all, no permanent modifications are required to attach the plates to the pedal! The QuickMount mounting plates are already available for a variety of effect pedal formats and the range is constantly expanded to accommodate the variety of models from a wide range of manufacturers. The QuickMounts fit perfectly into the slot grid of our RockBoard pedalboards and allow instant, secure mounting of effect pedals.

The QuickMount plates are screwed to the back of the pedal using the original screws (or the included replacement screws) and can be easily removed without leaving a trace. Most RockBoard QuickMount pedal mounting plates fit a wide variety of pedals.

Don't worry if your stompbox has different screw holes than the mounting plate. All RockBoard QuickMount pedal plates with a flat surface include a reusable silicone adhesive pad that adheres to any smooth surface without leaving a residue.

Simply screw on …using the included longer replacement screws
… and plug insecurely, quickly and easily.
Holds rock solidsecurely and firmly; easily removable without a trace.

The QuickMount product range at a glance


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