Come on board with Rockboard

What is the RockBoard Board Configurator?

The Pedalboard Configurator is a tool that allows you to easily create a virtual layout plan of your own pedalboard.

The Pedalboard Configurator has access to a continuously updated FX pedal database that already contains data for thousands of pedals. With the Pedalboard Configurator you can not only place your pedals on a variety of different RockBoards, you can even virtually configure the wiring to simulate your signal flow.

You can also add component-level descriptions to your board, documenting your creation for yourself and others to see.

Got everything built and wired? View all the parts you have installed as a list, print the list or order all the parts you can get from us directly from our shop.

Set up an account and become part of the Rockboard community where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Get to know the Board Configurator ecosystem


Board Configurator

Build your own pedalboard and wire it up virtually. Or have a detailed look at boards created by others.


Pedal Database

Draw from a database of thousands of FX pedals from well-known brands to DIY pedals or boutique manufacturers.


Pedal Creator

Here you can create your own pedals or suggest changes to existing ones.

How does it work?

1. Create an account

2. Navigate to MY BOARDS & PEDALS

3. Create a new board.


And now you're in.

You can create, discuss and share boards in great detail. Learn from others or share your experiences with the community.

You can also look around and walk through the community without registering. However, you can only create boards yourself, comment etc. if you create an account.