RockBoard Pedalboards

The Pedalboard System for the next level!

The RockBoard Pedalboard series has been carefully designed to create a pedalboard that is lightweight, torsionally stiff and robust, and above all, allows the use of a wide range of pedals, power supplies and their mounting solutions. The unique and ingenious design is based on a single sheet of cold-rolled aluminum with no welded seams. This results in a completely flat surface that can be used edge to edge. U-shaped vertical braces give the board additional stability without adding any noticeable weight. They make the board completely torsion-resistant and ensure that it will not bend under maximum load. The innovative slot design works with most common mounting solutions and perfectly with our RockBoard QuickMount system. The slots also make it easy to route cables below the surface of the board surface for a clean setup.

Almost all common power supplies can be mounted either directly under the board surface or using our optional The Tray or BasePlates. With the exception of the DUO series, the boards are compatible with the RockBoard All-in-One PatchBays - a useful addition to any RockBoard.

All RockBoard Pedalboards at a glance

Duo Series

Reduced to the bare essentials! The DUO series - 4 models, 4 widths, one depth = 142 mm / 5.59" - One row of pedals, narrow, space-saving, small

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