The Next Level Pedalboard System

ISO Power Block 12 IEC

Power from the wall


For 15 - 25 pedals - two levels


Room To Move

StageTuner ST-02

Chromatic Rack Tuner

Flat Patch Cables

Black, Gold & Sapphire Series


Side Access!

HA 1

In-Ear Monitoring Headphone Amplifier


Solderless Patch Cable Set

MOD 3 V2

Vocal & Acoustic !

The smarter Pedalboard

Our pedalboard series has been carefully designed to create a pedalboard that is lightweight, torsionally rigid and robust. The unique and ingenious design is based on a single sheet of cold-rolled aluminum with no welded seams. The result is a completely flat surface that can be used edge-to-edge.

An incredible variety of 16 pedalboards in various sizes, optionally with Gig Bag or Flight Case, leaves nothing to be desired. You can quickly find the right pedalboard for almost any application ... if you can't find the perfect solution here, you probably don't need a pedalboard at all..

All-In-One Patchbays

Our All-In-One Patchbays for pedalboards - MOD for short - provide multiple different cable connections, allow for many connection configurations and provide a central access point for your entire setup in a convenient patchbay format. They keep your rig organized and efficient.

And everything else you need for your pedalboard

Build Your Own Board!

The RockBoard® Board Configurator is a comprehensive platform for setting up your pedals on our RockBoards. Our constantly updated database already includes more than 12000 pedals.

Musicians working with effect pedals can use the Rockboard® Board Configurator to delve deeply into the details of configuring a pedal chain for their desired sound. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly populate and configure a pedalboard, share it with other users and exchange ideas.

Not only can pedals be arranged on the board, but more importantly for most musicians, they can now be connected. Connector formats and cable lengths are taken into account when calculating the required board space. Power consumption and polarities are also taken into account to save the user a lot of planning and research.

Test the RockBoard® Board Configurator in sandbox mode here. Or take a look at user boards in the Pedalboard Gallery

Welcome to the world of the Board Configurator