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Crocodile Tail Loop


The Crocodile Tail Loop (OC10) is the flagship switcher from One Control. The OC10 offers 10 switchable loops and 70 preset setups (10 banks with 7 presets per bank). The loop switcher also features MIDI operation and can send Program Change / Patch Change (PC) messages or you can use it as MIDI-Through unit in combination with other MIDI devices. The Link and Sync functions truly separate the Crocodile Tail Loop from other switchers: Link two OC10 together with a special One Control LAN cable to access multiple pedals off stage. Being able to link or remotely control a loop switcher is incredibly important for many professional musicians. Whether you use a rack of effects or you prefer to have your tech controlling you patch changes, the Crocodile Tail Loop is a great solution for all guitarists who use pedals. The OC10 also comes with the amazing BJF buffer circuit with independent inputs and outputs. The OC10 can also be a simple switcher by using the Direct mode. Direct mode is perfect for band practices or experimenting with pedals before you’ve decided how to set your programs. In addition to 7 loops in series, One Control Crocodile Tail Loop (OC10) has three separate loops that can be used for a variety of purposes. These loops can be used for amp channel switching or connecting effects to go into an amp’s effects loop as well as a variety of other functions to match individual guitar player’s needs. The Crocodile Tail Loop truly is one of the most innovative pedal switchers on the market.




One Control Crocodile Tail Loop (OC10) - Demo / Review Video - Tom Quayle

One Control Crocodile Tail Loop (OC10) - Demo / Review Video - Carlos E. Perez

One Control Crocodile Tail Loop (OC10) - Demo / Review Video - JayLeonardJ

Technical data

4.33 in
18.19 in
0 in
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative