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Christian Conti

Professional guitarist and producer, from Fnk, Soul and Blues to Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and trap. Rockboard, Kernom and Carl Martin artist, currently involved in multiple live projects as well as being a successful session musician for various artists.



Session Board


"My main concern with gear is consistency. I want to be able to get the exact same sound in my studio, in other people's studios, in rehearsals and on stage as quickly as possible. My solution to this is to rely completely on my pedalboard with the DSM Simplifier to amplify my signal and simulate an amp-like tone. For this to be practical, I needed a board that was lightweight, roomy, rugged, and versatile. One that would allow me to go from gig to gig, studio to studio, plug in and run without too much thought. Artists and producers often don't have the patience to watch a guitarist dial in tone through amps, mics, hundreds of pedals and plug-ins. RockBoard provided the solution that allows me to have this smooth and versatile workflow today. My QUAD 4.1 board with the MOD 1 attachment and a trusty Strat is all I need to deliver on any date or session."

Christian Conti