This is a board a built to accommodate both my live gigs and my session work. The amp-less set-up allows me to rock up to any studio and get my guitar sound on the fly without relying on the studio's gear. So far, I'm using the Simplifier by DSM and Humboldt because of its versatility and features. It allows me to come out DI stereo, eliminating the need for an external DI box and can emulate Marshall sounds, Deluxe and AC30 tones. Another interesting piece is the Kernom Ridge. I love this OD pedal for experimenting and hunting for tones, while I rely on my Full-Drive 2 for my main overdrive sounds.I've had the FD2 for so long, so I know how it reacts to my playing and my board would feel empty without it! My favourite pedal is the Bluesky. In university I worked as a promoter for a nightclub earning around 20 bucks. a week. I saved up for months to get this guy and it's been on my board ever since!


Based on

QUAD 4.1

Number of pedals


Total current

955,40 mA

Dimensions (W x D)

18.5 x 12.99 in