In order to come up with unique possibilities to make daily pedalboarding easier and sound better, our RockBoard® developers have rethought all involved components. Our new design with superior functionality is registered for patent law protection in USA, Japan, China, and Germany.

- innovative high-quality board design
- extremely lightweight and durable
- introducing the first front-loaded pedalboard organiser with our new in-board management system (see Modules 1, 2 & 3)
- all models available with gig bag or flight case


The RockBoard QuickMount mounting plates provide a well-engineered professional solution for mounting effects pedals to our pedalboards. QuickMount elements fasten tightly to withstand heaviest use and can be removed in seconds when you want to change your setup. Best of all, no permanent modifications are required to attach it to the pedal! The QuickMount mounting plates are available for a great variety of pedal formats and the range is continually updated to fit the models of most diverse pedal builders.



The innovative RockBoard PedalSafe protective covers offer perfect protection for effect pedals and are available for nearly all effects pedal formats in a perfectly fitting product variant. The clever design is tailored to the requirements of live performances: The footswitches can be activated without any hindrance, the controls' settings are visible but secured against unintended adjustments while the effects pedal itself is protected from all external influences. The sets come either with QuickMount mounting plates for secure mounting on our RockBoard pedalboards or with Universal mounting plates for use on pedalboards from most other manufacturers.



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