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Arena Reverb



ARENA REVERB takes TC ELECTRONIC's most legendary reverb sounds and adds four new instant classics meticulously crafted with the true reverb aficionado in mind. You get everything from lush halls and lively springs all the way to gloriously grand cathedrals all incorporated in a high-quality roadworthy Stompbox. • 4 Exclusive Custom-Made Reverb Sounds • Stereo I/O • TonePrint-Enabled The objective for ARENA REVERB was to create one of the most organic sounding reverbs ever. So if you're into beautiful and lush reverbs that envelopes your tone in a glorious sea of ambience without clouding your core sound, then ARENA REVERB is a homerun. Besides a generous selection of reverb types from the original HALL OF FAME REVERB, you get four new heavenly-sounding verbs. ROYAL is a perfectly tuned Cathedral with subtle modulation on the tail, amazing for more melodic ambient pieces, and PARLIAMENT is a great sounding hall. SEASON will get you a lovely spring and PASSAGE is a nice room verb, which really adds some spice and life to your rhythm tone. But what makes these new reverbs truly shine is how meticulously they've been EQ'd. Even on high decay and mix settings your tone is still ultra-defined, letting every one of your notes shine through with angelic clarity.



Demo by Jackson Brooksby (EN)

Technical data

4.88 in
2.87 in
2.80 in
0.84 lbs
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative