Wren and Cuff

Box of War



Finally, after many, many requests, Wren and Cuff released the Box of War in a compact Small Foot edition. It is the same pedal as the full-size Box of War, originally housed in a large folded steel enclosure, modified to be able to fit in a standard effects pedal housing. That's it! Same parts, same guts, smaller size. The Box of War is a true recreation of the famous 'Civil War' fuzz pedals from the '90s and Wren and Cuff prides themselves on truly digging into the vintage units they recreate and go to great lengths to duplicate all aspects of the original circuits to the best of their ability, and they have spared nothing in researching this rare, much-loved, but cheaply made famous fuzzer. The pedal creates a bit darker and a bit fuzzier tone than the famous Tall Font fuzz pedals and compared to other Muffs, the Box of War has less output and is also less fuzzy, but it captures the unique woody sustain and presence of the original 'Civil War' pedal perfectly. There is a good reason why the original version became a secret weapon for many musicians around the world and the Wren and Cuff Box of War captures that sound, feeling and tone perfectly.




Wren and Cuff Box of War (Small Foot) - Demo / Review Video - Reverb

Wren and Cuff Box of War (Small Foot) - Demo Video - Tony Samperi

Technical data

4.69 in
2.60 in
3.15 in
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative