Aria Compressor Drive



Keeley has combined his most popular two effects, Drive and Compression! The legendary Keeley Compressor and Red Dirt Overdrive have been packed into one small and powerful stomp box! Swap the order of the compressor and drive for amazing sonic versatility…on the fly! 2 Mode Overdrive - High Gain and Smooth Saturation in one mode - Clean and Bold in Low Gain mode. TRS insert jacks allow any number of effects to be inserted in between the Compressor and Drive circuits for added flexibility. Compressor Plus Tube Style Dirt - The Aria Compressor Overdrive features a perfectly voiced treble recovery circuit and blend control. This is our most toneful compressor yet boasting beautiful sustain and bloom. The blend and tone controls allow you to perfectly adjust the output response of the compressor. No more dull and lifeless sounds that are overly squashed. The newly redesigned tube style overdrive circuit features our super overdrive Red Dirt sound as well as the very clean and bold White Sands transparent drive. These two modes have been fine tuned to offer an even more impressive gain range. Simple Volume, Tone, and Drive controls with a toggle switch to adjust between low and hi gain. Tone Foundation - Compressors and Overdrive are a fundamental part of recording and performing guitar. Most people run compression before drive to reduce idle static. Using compressors after drives offers a very smooth and even tone, tons of sustain and usually a very warm and rounded tone profile.


Technical data

4.72 in
3.74 in
1.97 in
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative