Cheese Ball



Long ago in a mysterious time that we call the 1990's, a new pedal company was created in England. Its ideas were off the beaten path, and its sounds were otherworldly. Despite existing only a few short years, these creations became the things of legend and one product in particular cast the biggest shadow. With such artists as The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page, Radiohead, Kevin Sheilds (My Bloody Valentine), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Gary Moore, and many others using the out-of-production units, their Used market prices have begun to rise more and more, sometimes into the $800 range. The Cheese Ball is JHS Pedals faithful and extremely accurate recreation of the original circuit, it is a tribute to one of the most fascinating brands and circuits of all time! The Cheese Ball has your standard Volume, Gain, and Tone knobs found on most distortion fuzz boxes, but comes with an extra mode selector knob that gives you four different overall tone and gain selections. In the 'off' position, the Tone knob is disengaged, giving you a bright and trashy fuzz / distortion sound. In the '1' position you have a mid-scooped sound that will give you a Big Muff style buzz for a rounded sound reminiscent of fine mozzarella that sits just right on your pizza but doesn’t get in the way. The '2' position is a mid-boost sound that will cut through a mix like a hot knife through Velveeta. Finally, the '3' position gives you a biting, gated fuzz tone that, when cranked, spits, spats, and bites like gorgonzola naturale.




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Technical data

4.88 in
2.87 in
2.13 in
0.64 lbs
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative