Bass TightFuzz Jr



Amp Tweaker are renowned for their brilliant drive pedals. Establishing this reputation is not easy in such a competitive market, and to stay ahead of the game they have introduced a raft of Jr. pedals. Boasting the same amazing tones that we love about Amp Tweaker, these pedals are in a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly enclosure. All the Essentials: The Tight Fuzz Jr. takes the essential features of its larger counterparts, ensuring that no tone is sacrificed. The Tight/Normal/Fat switch lets you adjust the attack and response of the fuzz. If you want a thick and heavy fuzz tone then the Fat mode will provide, whereas the Normal mode delivers a full-bodied, chunky sound with plenty of character. Switch to the Tight setting to shelve some low-end, giving you a more aggressive tone that will cut through in busy mixes with a crisp bite. As Versatile As You’d Ever Want: A 60’s/70’s/Now switch gves you further tonal options. You can go from a classic Hendrix-style fuzz bark, to a more modern and saturated tone that works as well for rhythm tones as it does for leads. Essentially an EQ switch, you can also adjust your sound using the conventional Tone control, allowing you to brighten the fuzz the higher you crank it up! A Germanium/Silicon switch gives you the best of both worlds. Often argued by Fuzz junkies, changing these output transistors lets you affect the warmth and top-end of the fuzz, meaning you will have no problem “tweaking” the pedal for the perfect fuzz sound. See what I did there? Here's what Amp Tweaker say about the Tight Fuzz Jr. Pedal: With the popularity of Amptweaker's smaller footprint JR series, we're now adding bass and guitar versions of our Fuzz pedals....introducing TightFuzz JR?, Bass TightFuzz JR?, BluesFuzz JR?, and Bass BluesFuzz Jr?. These pedals share most of the tone-tweaking features available on their larger counterparts, while eliminating effects loops, lit controls, battery switches and boost features that some players don’t need in order to shrink down the size and weight. Derived from our Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches were re-configured into a 3-position Fat/Normal/Tight switch to dial in the attack of the notes from thick and heavy to aggressive and chunky. On the TightFuzz models, an EQ switch provides 60's, 70's, or 'Now' tones, and there's also a Germanium/Silicon switch to change the output transistor for warmer or brighter/high gain distortion. The same automatically adjusted bias on the Fuzz controls keeps the sweet spot at hand, and is especially nice for cleaner tones. And of course the popular Dry Low control is included on the Bass TightFuzz JR.



Amptweaker TightFuzz Jr.

Amptweaker TIGHT FUZZ JR demo with Suhr Tele & PRS Sonzera 20

Technical data

4.88 in
2.87 in
0 in
Circuit type
9V DC, center negative