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Carina Powell

Cici Powell is the frontwoman/bassist of prog metal band Von Strangelove. She also creates solo bass pieces, demoes gear and creates educational content on her YouTube channel Cici Bass, presents on Andertons TV, and plays bass/vocals in The Dave Simpson Trio.

Her solo music ranges from dark, heavy pieces like ‘Strangelove’, to orchestral multilayered soundtracks like ‘All Quiet’. From psychedelic to meditative like ‘Cosmic Cruise’, and to ambient and melodic, like her first delve into ambient bass around age 15, ‘Moth’. And of course, flat out screaming rock - Using only a bass and her ‘Mothership’ pedalboard. She likes to test the limits of what bass can do, and she’s yet to find those limits!

A 4’11 powerhouse - although versatile, she’s earned herself the nickname ‘The Hammer’, thanks to her hard hitting and percussive fingerstyle playing, and energetic live performances. Cici loves using bass as both a supporting and lead instrument.

Hailing from the UK, Cici began playing bass just before her 12th birthday in 2011. Despite being the only musician in her family, she hasn’t looked back since and is eager to inspire others to pick up the bass and explore what it can do!

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Make A Pedalboard With Me! | UNBOXING the Warwick Rockboard

The Mothership


"When you have a pedalboard that others have nicknamed ‘The Mothership’, it can be hard to imagine a world where you have room to move on stage, and the mere thought of lifting it doesn’t make your eyes water. Thankfully, I found that world exists in the form of a RockBoard QUAD 4.2.  The dimensions of the board allowed me to keep my original setup, while maximizing the use of space for a much sleeker and more compact setup, without compromising comfortable spacing between pedals. The board itself is lightweight, which makes a huge difference even with so many pedals on it. I no longer have trouble carrying it long distances - or through doors! I’m absolutely over the moon with it."

Carina Powell