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Pietro Fossetti

"Pif" is a guitarist with many influences, who tries to coexist various different genres, in order to create a personal and recognizable guitar sound.

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Pif's PedalBoard


"I have never been a lover of too big pedalboards, because to create my sound I always look for few but distinctive elements, and in the RockBoard QUAD 4.1 I found the ideal size, combining simplicity, efficiency and portability. inside there is everything I need! In addition to the pedal platform, I also use the RockBoard cables and power supplies, which have always given me a very clean signal, leaving the sound of my pedals transparent. But the real game changer for me was the MOD 1 patchbay, which made routing easy and clean and kept the stage free of unwanted cables. What more could you ask for?"

Pietro Fossetti