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Rory McLean

Hi, my name is Rory McLean and I play bass in the band VOWER.

I started playing music when I was 12, anything that made a musical note I was fascinated by and I would dedicate any free time I had to playing and writing music (I still do!). I then went on to study Bass at the ACM in Guildford UK and honed my craft here as a bass player.

I am currently playing a GPS Corvette STD 5 and a Thumb NT 5. The Warwick sound is crucial to the sound of VOWER and there is no other bass that provides that snarl and growl.

With my Rockboard I needed something versatile and compact while also being future-proof and customisable. Having the MOD patchbays built-in is a game changer for me. Setting up on stage is so quick and efficient as it all powers off of one cable and any cabling happens from that one patchbay at the back.

Rory McLean

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"Schau Dir dieses Board an!"

Rory McLean