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Zach Hennig

Zach “AttAkk” Hennig is an American guitarist from Austin, Texas, best known for his high energy stage performances, tasteful solos, and tight rhythms. Rock gave him his start, but he excels in country, pop, and acoustic work as well. Raised in major recording studios and his family’s guitar store, music has been in his blood since birth.

Zach currently hops between Nashville and Las Vegas touring with multiple artists of all genres. His previous gigs include the Broadway musical "Rock of Ages," (10th Anniversary Tour & Las Vegas) and the Michael Jackson show (MJ Live!). He has worked with numerous bands and artists such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bailey Zimmerman, and has appeared in multiple shows on the Las Vegas strip.

Zach Hennig

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Zach Hennig