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Let's be honest – we all love our pedalboards. We love to tinker with new sounds, revise the setup, rewire the effects, or reorganize everything and the pedalboard is never really 'finished'. Nevertheless, every musician is proud of their pedalboard and wants to show it, discuss it with like-minded people or get new inspiration from other artists. Now there is a platform for musicians and admirers alike to present your pedalboard, or to view and rate other effects setups, all while getting the chance to win cool prizes! Because we all love pedalboards, every board can be shown to participate in the lottery - regardless of whether it is a RockBoard pedalboard, a board from another manufacturer or an individual self-made version. 

How it Works

  • Show us and the community your pedalboard and present information about you or your band
  • Submit unlimited pedalboard setups with a general description and up to 5 photos
  • Vote and be voted on by the community in the following categories: Concept, Design, Technology & Coolness
  • Exchange ideas about your setup or ask questions to other musicians
  • Win great, unique prizes by having the most votes in a category or by simply participating!


Not only can you present your own pedalboard, vote on setups and exchange ideas with like-minded people, you can win exciting prizes! Entries will be judged by other members of the community on a variety of categories, and the top three pedalboards of the fourth round of the lottery will be awarded a grand prize on March 31, 2022. In addition, there will be random monthly prizes for both submitted pedalboards and voters alike! These submissions, if they have not won, will be taken into account again each month for material prizes and vouchers. You do not have to submit a pedalboard to win, merely vote for your favorites.

Our prizes in March:

    The winning pedalboards

    Hall Of Fame

    In our Hall Of Fame we present the boards with the best ratings from the previous rounds of the lottery. These pedalboards are excluded from the raffle for the coming rounds and can no longer be rated. Of course, you can still look at the winning pedalboards, comment or ask questions.

    Hall Of Fame

    Account and settings

    Manage your profile, your pedalboards and your posts

    In your account you have full access to your submitted pedalboards, your discussions and posts as well as your profile information. Here you can edit your data, submit new pedalboards or take part in discussions about pedalboards.


    Your opinion matters


    Are you looking for tools, gadgets, or solutions for your pedalboard that nobody offers? Do you have ideas on how we can improve our products? Is there something missing in our product range? Let us know! Send us a message with your feedback or comments!


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