Häufig gefragt zu MODs - All-in-One Patchbays

How much power do the RockBoard MODs need?

The RockBoard MODs 1, 2, and 3 are completely passive.
Hence they do not require any power supply.

Please note they are conceived of as patch boxes that merely wire connections from underneath the pedalboard through to the front, in order to collect all connections at one central, easily accessible point.

Can I use the MOD All-in-One PatchBays on other pedalboards, except the RockBoards as well?

Yes - the RockBoard MOD All-in-One Patchbays, while primarily designed to fit the front slots of the RockBoard 2018 pedalboards, can be mounted in a variety of third party brand boards.


How do I connect my multi power supply with a MOD?

Which connection cable you need for hooking up your multi power supply with the RockBoard 1, 2 & 3 depends on the input socket of your power supply.

To connect a multi power supply with an IEC socket with your RockBoard MOD, you can use the RockBoard Power Ace IEC Connector Cable.
Use the power cord supplied with your power supply to connect the RockBoard MOD with mains power.

If your multi power supply has a 2.1 x 5.5 mm (Boss style) barrel socket, you can use a RockBoard Flat Power Cable for connecting the MOD with the power supply unit. These are available in different lengths and with straight as well as angled plugs.
Then connect your multi power supply's AC adapter with the MOD's front barrel socket and the power mains.

The screws for my MOD don't fit into the holes of the RockBoard!

The screws that are being supplied with the RockBoard MOD All-in-One Patchbays are self-tapping. They are designt to cut their own threads into the pre-drilled holes of the RockBoard pedalboards.
Hence, when screwing them in for the first time, you have to push through the surface finishing and cut the threads.

Screw the supplied screws in as straight as possible while applying a moderate amount of pressure. This will only take a few turns with the screwdriver.
Once the threads are cut, the screw will move smoothly.

Will my Original Series RockBoard (SOLO, JAM, CLUB; STAGE, ARENA, TOUR or STADIUM) fit into a 2019 Series Gig Bag or Case?

The external dimensions of the RockBoards pedalboards of the Original Series - SOLO, JAM, CLUB, STAGE, ARENA, TOUR and STADIUM - are very similar to those of the 2019 Series.

They will fit the 2019 Series gig bags and cases as follows:

  • SOLO -> will fit the DUO 2.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)
  • JAM -> will fit the TRES 3.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)
  • CLUB -> will fit the QUAD 4.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)
  • STUDIO -> does not have a size equivalent in the 2018 Series, but will fit the QUAD 4.2 Gig Bag & Case with space to spare
  • STAGE -> will fit the QUAD 4.2 Gig Bag and Case snuggly
  • TOUR -> will fit the CINQUE 5.2 Gig Bag and Case snuggly
  • ARENA -> will fit the CINQUE 5.3 Gig Bag and Case snuggly
  • STADIUM -> will fit the CINQUE 5.4 Case, but not the GigBag

I have a 18V powered effects pedal - can I bridge the two 9V outputs of the Power LT XL to get 18V?

No, this will not work.

The 9V power slots are highly filtered to avoid digital noise and interference from crossing over between the power slots.

They are not isolated and cannot be bridged to combine their voltage output.

You can, however, connect a charge pump or voltage doubler to one of the 9V slots to increase the output voltage. Please note, that this will decrease the max. current output of 1A.

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