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My RockBoard LED Light produces a slight hum in the signal - what can I do?

The RockBoard LED Light - Pedalboard Illumination uses a digital micro controller to switch the color of the LEDs and control their brightness. This works basically in the same way as a digital effects pedal.

As when using analog and digital effects pedals, if you use the LED Light together with the analog effects pedals on an non-isolated power supply, this can cause “digital” noise. While the RockBoard LED Light has been certified according to CE and FCC standards and regulations, it can happen that due to interactions with other circuitry in the signal chain or connected to the same power supply/ground, audible noise is being created, when non-isolated power supplies are being used.

We therefore recommend using an isolated power slot for the LED Light (and digital effects pedals) to prevent any kind of interference.

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