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Which Compact Pedal Connector is the right one for my pedals?

We offer 3 versions of rigid pedal connectors - straightN-shaped and Z-shaped - as well as the flexible Bender75.

Which connector is the right one for your pedals depends on the following:

Housing Walls:
The straightN-shaped and Z-shaped connectors should only be used, if the IN- and OUTPUT jacks of your pedal's are absolutely perpendicular (90 degrees) to the pedal's bottom. Using these connectors with angled jack sockets will put excessive strain on the sockets and may damage your pedals.

The Bender75, being completely flexible, will compensate for any angle.
If the walls of your pedal's housing are slightly angled the Bender75 is the perfect choice for you.

Orientation & placement of the jack sockets:
If the jack sockets of both pedals you want to connect are front-mounted, the Bender75 is the best choice of pedal connector for you.

Should your pedal have jack sockets that are offset in height as well as along the side of the pedal you will have to chose between the Z-shaped and N-shaped connectors.
Both of them can compensate for height as well as depth differences.
The Z-shaped connector is perfect for compensating for small distances.
The N-shaped connector will compensate for wider distances.

In the jacks of the pedals you want to connect are exactly at the same height as well as opposite of each other, the straight pedal connector ist the perfect choice.

What's the difference between the 3 lines of Flat Patch Cables?

The RockBoard Flat Patch Cables are available in 3 series. The regular black Flat Patch Cables, GOLD SERIES FLAT Patch Cables and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables.

They are different in their core features:

Flat Patch Cables (black):
- medium quality audio cable
- molded plastic plug housings
- twisted copper shielding

GOLD SERIES Patch Cables:
- high quality audio cable
- metal plug housings
- 90 % braided tinned copper + aluminum foil shielding
- gold-plated connectors (24 karat)

- premium quality audio cable
- metal plug housings
- 100 % braided tinned copper + aluminum foil shielding
- gold-plated connectors (24 karat)

Can I use the Flat TRS Cables as stereo audio cables?

The RockBoard Flat TRS cables feature the same flexible oxygen free copper conductors (20 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG)  and twistet copper shield (34 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG) as the RockBoard Flat Patch Cables – the Flat TRS Cables simple have 2 separate, identical signal cores for use with separate channels or balanced signals.

They can be used for stereo as well as balanced mono signals and will provide the same audio quality as our RockBoard Flat Patch Cables (black), which is sufficient for normal use with effects pedals as well as recording applications.

They are being marketed primarily for use in foot controllers and expression pedals, due to the fact that most effects pedals do not use TRS stereo in / outputs rather than TS mono jack sockets for left and right channels.

How much karat is the gold plating on the GOLD SERIES / SAPPHIRE SERIES / PatchWorks Solderless plugs?

The gold plating of the GOLD SERIES and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables' as well as the Patch Works Solderless Plugs' connectors is 24 karat gold.



The PatchWorks Solderless Cable I built does not work - what can I do?

The RockBoard PatchWorks Solderless Patch Cable System is designed to basically work  Plug'n'Play.
Please follow all the steps laid out in the manual to put your cable together.

It is important that you test your cable using a cable tester afterwards to be sure everything works as it should.

Should you encounter a dead cable, the culprit could be the following:

- The cut is not completely flat:
   If you cut the cable with a regular cable cutter it can happen that the cut is not comletely straight.
   Then the cable shield might not make contact with the inside of the sleeve.

   Make sure the cut is completely straight by using the supplied RockBoard PatchWorks Cable Cutter!

- The conductor and shield slipped back into the cable mantle:
   If the cable is being squezed and pulled too hard, the mantle can stretch and protude over the center conductor and shield which makes contact impossible.
   Should this happen, simply make a new cut using the RockBoard PatchWorks Cable Cutter and make sure it is a straight cut that exposes all parts of the cable equaly.

Which Cables do the Flat Patch Color Code Rings fit?

The RockBoard Color Code Rings have been specially designed for use with the RockBoard Flat Patch Cables.

Their small circular projection on the inside will fit into the indentation on the back of Flat Patch Cables, GOLD SERIES Flat Patch Cables and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables alike.

They will also fit the angled plugs of RockBoard Flat Instrument Cables and RockBoard Flat Looper/Switcher Connector Cables.

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