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  • RockBoard LED Light - Pedalboard Illumination In a time of effects rigs with ever-growing visibility on stage is a major concern for many players. The RockBoard® LED Light...

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  • RockBoard Pedalboard LED Light UNI - Pedalboard / Stage Light with Universal Clamp Due to the fixed universal clamp, the RockBoard LED Light (UNI) multi-colored LED lamp can be used on a wide variety of...

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  • RockBoard Pedalboard LED Light V2 - Pedalboard Light The RockBoard LED Light (V2) is a multi-colored LED lamp specially designed for use with the RockBoard Pedalboard series. The...

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  • RockBoard Natural Sound Buffer The Rockboard Natural Sound Buffer is a op-amp based signal buffer that eliminates cable capacitance and loss of top end...

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  • New
    RockBoard Stage Tuner ST-01 V2 - Chromatic Pedal Tuner The RockBoard StageTuner ST-01 combines all aspects that musicians seek in a chromatic pedal tuner. Its large, bright, but...

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  • RockBoard StageTuner ST-02 - Chromatic Rack Tuner The RockBoard StageTuner ST-02 offers all the features that musicians want in a chromatic rack tuner. The large, bright, but...

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