No More Amp! My ULTIMATE Bass Pedalboard


The aim of the game: remove the need for an amp. I've always wanted an "all in one" pedalboard that can act as my entire rig. Origin Effects were kind enough to send me some pedals to make an entire pedalboard using their pedals - challenge accepted! Here we have both of their BassRig preamps. Why? Problem is, I love the preamp on the Black Panel, but LOVE the cab sim on the Super Vintage... So essentially, the SVT style preamp is just acting as a very expensive cab sim (overkill, I know) So we've got a tuner, compression, drive, preamp/cabsim, all into the Ashdown Ant which is a pedal sized 200 watt power amp to move some air through a cab on stage. Lovely!


Basierend auf

QUAD 4.1

Anzahl Pedale



508 mA

Maße (L x T)

470 x 330 mm