My Postrock-Board


I'm using a Rockboard 4.1 as a Pedalboard with a Mod 1 for cable management. Underneath is a Palmer PWT12 MK2 Power Supply, which in my opinion is the best regarding the price. Also there are a ton of cables and some midi-boxes.


Heart and brain of my board is the Musicom Lab EFX LE Switcher. The best thing about it is that you can change the effects order. And it gives you also a lot of midi-possibilities, which in my case is pretty important.

I'm using a Lichtlaerm Key & Gate which is the best noisegate in the world. The drive section of my board consists of the boss od 200 and eq 200. All i can say is: endless possibilities. And the od200 actually sounds pretty great and is really versatile. Also I'm using a Minotaur Swamp Lord as a Fuzz for Doom, Sludge and Stonersounds. WHAT A BEAST IT IS! For Reverbs and a basic delay the great and awesome Neunaber Illumine does the job! Heavenly Spheres. And then there is zoia. What can I say? It does everything, especially since I'm also using it as a synth with a midi controller. Also the preampsection of my amp has its own loop, so i can move it around in the effects order or even turn it off and use a boss drive as a preamp.

The Swamp Lord is the only part I don't use with midi, everything else is controlled via midi.

Oh yeah. And everything goes into this beautiful peavey 2x12+2x15. Massive sounds.


I mainly play rhythmguitar and try to produce some drones and spheres. Our music and my guitarplaying style is mainly influenced by doom, sludge, stoner, postrock and -metal.



Post-Rock/ Post-Metal/ Doom/ Sludge


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