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This was built entirely from items bought from flea markets, garage sales, and pawn shops except for the homemade case and power supply, and the Rowen tuner bought from Wish. It's still a work in progress, but I have less than $500.00 invested so far including the amp. It sounds awesome and works great for what I use it for, jamming along with YouTube videos. The signal chain is as follows: Guitar > Rowan Tuner > Boss OC-2 Octave > DOD FX59 Thrash Master > Danelectro FAB Distortion > Dunlop GCB-95 Cry Baby Wah > A/DA Flanger using a Casio VP-1 Volume Pedal as an expression pedal set up as a foot sweepable comb filter > Boss BF-2 Flanger > DOD 565 Stereo Chorus > TC Electronics Flashback Delay > Traynor YGL-3 212 Combo with onboard spring reverb and tremolo. I'm going into the lower jack on the effects channel with the volume maxed. I go from clean to crunch with the guitar volume, so with the two distortion pedals, I have five levels of drive to play with depending on where the guitar volume is and which pedals are on. When playing along with YouTube, even though the TV audio is patched through a Pioneer SA-9800 stereo amp, I have to keep the master volume on the Traynor just below one to keep everything blended in. When I'm through playing, I have to rehang what got knocked off the walls and check for broken glass.





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