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I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you all :)


So I play in a dreampop/shoegaze kinda band and here is why I use the pedals I use (and in that specific order):


Polytune 3 mini - (love it for its size)

Ernie Ball Stereo/Pan Volume-Pedal - (actually looking for a smaller one right now)

Digiverb Digital Reverb - (Early Chain reverb to use before my drive section - basically only use the gated reverb (classic shoegaze)

TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo - (love it for its tap function)

Boss Chorus CE5

TC Electronic Spark Booster - (use it to drive the gain section of my Blues Driver)

Boss Blues Driver BD2 - (for light break up)

Proco RAT

Boss DD200

Electro Harmonix Cathedral

Electro Harmonix Superego (latch function only to create a synth-like patch underneath my sound at times)


Hit me up if you have any question (German/English)









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